Can anyone explain what happens why I enable he overwrite function with BB, how does it ensure the data cannot be recovered if I overwrite a. Supercedes AFSSI , 15 April OPR: HQ AFCA/SYSS (MSgt Michael E. Bishop). Certified by: HQ AFCA/SYS (Ronald G. Goessman). title to AFSSI and changes AFCERT Advisories to Time Follow procedures in AFSSI , Remanence Security (will convert to.

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acssi Destruction at an approved metal destruction facility i. Application of an abrasive substance emery wheel or disk sander to a magnetic disk or drum recording surface. Make certain that the entire recording surface is completely removed before disposal.

Also, ensure proper protection from inhaling the abraded dust. Acid solutions should be used in a well-ventilated area only by qualified personnel.


Data erasure

Application of acid activator Dubias Race A and stripper Dubias Race B to a magnetic drum recording surface. Technical acetone should then be applied to remove residue from the drum surface. The above should be done in a well-ventilated area, and personnel must wear eye protection.

Extreme caution must be observed when handling acid solutions. This procedure should be done only by qualified and approved personnel.

Purge every system on the LAN and contaminated backups. Declassify the system s after observing the organization’s respective validation and review procedures.

Then, reload software and data files from uncontaminated backup. Find where written, purge affected systems and contaminated backups. Then, reload from clean backup.

Air Force System Security Instruction – Remanence Security

Find where contaminating information is written. Purge file, “wipe” unallocated disk space and swap temp file space on affected systems. If necessary, reload from clean backup. Unknown degree of Assurance Overwrites contaminating file, free space, temp space Possibly no data loss Unbalanced solution acssi drives security Very little downtime Minimizes impact to majority of users May or may not require use of good backups.


Data erasure – Wikipedia

The system is accredited to at least C2 or C2 functionality. The data is time sensitive i. The system frequently writes to the drive location s where the data was inadvertently written or suspected to be written. The amount of information needing to be purged is less than 0.

The system DAA approves of using the limited purge in this particular instance.

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