BTS ON-Line commissioning Procedure using B10 Go to configuration>> Hardware setting>>Begin HW modification. Edit Sector Mapping and. Alcatel Bts Installation And Commissioning Pdf. BTS OFF-Line commissioning. Procedure OF ALCATEL BTS using B Prepared By: Umair. Installation & Commissioning – BTS, Microwave I&C of all Types of BTS-2G ( NSN, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Alcatel-Lucent etc) in all possible installation types .

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Log In Sign Up. Connection of the GPS Antenna. Inhibit Power Down Timer. Antennas are not Present. List of Items Required. Audience This document is intended for: Site administrators Project managers Field service technician Supervisors Occasional users e.

Assumed Knowledge You must have a basic understanding of the following: Connection area COAR between the racks 3: Electricity meter or options location 4: For this case apply Case 7: The site must comply with one of the following: The GPS antenna and the antenna cable are installed. The following requirements are not mandatory: Antennas are connected 1. The Lacatel is powered down.

External alarms are declared, checked and ready for use. If there are no antennas: The tests have been carried out under load. Connection of the GPS antenna Option: Alcatel BTS Case 6: Alcatel BTS Case 7: Alcatel BTS Case 4: Checking RF cabling Option: Inhibit power down timer Setting and checking the external alarms Checking status of modules Case: Connection of the GPS antenna 1 1 Option: Tasks where two persons are mandatory for execution 2: Position of external alarms cables to be connected.

Antennas to be connected to the Commissioninv. Press [ Enter ] means press the Enter key Click [ OK ] means click the button OK with the mouse Operator input is indicated after a double right-pointing arrow in Courier font Operator input To describe a menu path, the menu options are linked as follows: A message is indicated in Courier font: At base On arrival at the site.

The CCL has to be completed as each vommissioning is carried out. Check the antistatic wrist strap Check that the resistance of the antistatic wrist strap is greater then 1 M.


Alcatel BSS A BTS / A MBS GSM Commissioning Manual | Ramamurthy K –

Hardware Reconfiguration 4 Option: Hardware Reconfiguration This option is included only if the hardware configuration has to be changed. Hardware Reconfiguration Purpose To modify the hardware configuration, when the initial rack configuration is not as requested.

The modules to be added and all the necessary supplies should already have been delivered on site! See the initial configuration 2. Follow the instructions of the BHART program to change the configuration to the desired one even low-loss configuration. Use the table below to choose the right case for powering up the BTS. It is essential that: The protective earth is connected to the equipment earth terminal The electrical power to the equipment is disconnected from the site power panel.

Remove the rubber protective caps from the power supply terminals on the right, at the top of the connection area See Figure 17 3.

BTS commissioning Alcatel A, n some troubleshooting – Fixya

Check that nothing can provoke a short circuit between the 0 and 48 V connectors 4. At the site power panel, set up the power supply line by operating fuse holder 1 e. Check with the multimeter that the 0 V and V voltages are on the right terminals See Figure 17 6. At the site power panel, disconnect the power supply line by operating the fuseholder Line disconnected 7.

Replace the rubber protective caps on the power supply terminals rack top Power supply SRn: Power supply at the site power panel: Connect line for BTS Line connected.

Undo the four screws and remove the plastic plate from the BTS power panel. For 1-phase system check: Te clamp bridge 3 in AC-outis present. For 3-phase system check: The clamp bridge 3 in AC-out is not present. AC Switch Board 3. Check also the voltage between neutral and ground Result: Switch OFF the V mains at site power panel and check with the multimeter the voltage between each line L and neutral N. A low residual AC voltage should be present between neutral and ground.

Close the BTS power panel 7. ON LED on control unit. Check and Set the 1.

See Figure 19 2. If the setting is not correct, set the number of battery units: See Figure 21 Supply for the Heat btts. Check the heat exchangers fans have started Exchangers 3.


BTS commissioning Alcatel A9100, n some troubleshooting

If it has not, the test must be carried out at the end of commissioning procedure. Check that there are no alarms See Figure 19 Result: If the power modules are OK: See Figure 22 and Figure 4 2.

See Figure 22 3. See Figure 23 4. Check with the multimeter the voltage between each line L and neutral N. Check also the voltage between neutral and ground Results: The check is made before the breakers, where the power cable is connected.

Check also the voltage between neutral and ground See Figure 24 Result: Check the service lights are OK 3. See Figure 24 Power on the Power 1. The power supply subrack is powered. The following character designation is used: Switch OFF these breakers alcatrl not already done! Check that the heat exchanger FANs on the rack alcagel start up 3. If it has not, the test must be carried out at the end of the commissioning procedure. See figure 23 2. Check insallation there are no alarms Result: Check that the power modules are OK Result: Check also the voltage between neutral and groundResult: Line disconnected A low residual AC voltage should be present between neutral and ground 4.

Put back the rubber protections and the protection plate 8.

BTS Installation and Commissioning

Check the declaration of battery type and number of branches by pressing Number of Battery Units the Status button on BCU1 until the battery information is displayed ex. See Figure 27 2. See Figure 26 2. Press the [ Status ] button on BCU1 until alarm status information is displayed. Check that there are no alarms See Figure 26 Result: Press [ Status ] button on BCU1 until power module status information is displayed.

All voltage checks are carried out on site side of the breaker. Measure the voltage between the neutral and protective earth PE Result:

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