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But hell those two bonded nearly instantly.

A city ruled by an oppressive government is walled off from all nature. It was a sho The City is a place of conformity and those that have special abilities or looks are thrown into prison for life or executed.

Why not just make this a wolf pack? Brave won out because it was a story about seeing beyond the surface and being who you were born to be.

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Raine, this amazing outcast “human” who can generate life turns out to be just another submissive guy without much power. Oh, and the use of the word “butt” should never go in a sex scene.

How could a part of the city be ignored at that point? In that same back story, there is a picture of the character’s brothers, described as little boys, standing with their mother. You knew what was going to beaet before it happened, which then just made it tedious reading about it. May 30, Becca Finn rated it did not like it.

Amylea Lyn (Author of Nature of the Beast)

His memory of his life outside has dimmed and his Beast has taken control in order to survive. No explanations of the City, the lym, the plant thing, the village, the social dynamic, nothing.

I would love to It was pretty good. Other books in the series. Apr 16, Phaney rated it liked it Shelves: He was the one that told the reader of things that he shouldn’t have known. The entire City structure and world is built on the idea that “there is no outside”i As many, many other veast have mentioned His life was inside a dome, and the city was controlled no?


Like why the uncle was unfit to lead? The romance oof particularly original either. The characters are just beginning to form and then the novel ends.

Nature of the Beast (Outside the City #1) by Amylea Lyn

And it was such a strong amyle of the plot that the shifter side of the story seemed a little mundane. However, Raine turns unbearably melodramatic and actually cheapens the way the rapes were handled previously by the way he now refers to them in his thoughts. Just likethis tale has a dark underbelly. Preview — Nature of the Beast by Amylea Lyn. A city inside a dome, bathrooms that is a taboo, control of birth, politic of “no life outside, everything is here inside The blurb sounded awesome but the story left me with quite a few unanswered threads.

The Beast, Ash, is a perfect mix of strength and vulnerability and readers will love seeing him grow ltn as he connects with Raine. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The prison time was really short and you couldn’t even get the feeling for it.

I mean the whole, “Alpha” thing, and showing neck and belly as a sign of submission Is that a cat thing, idk. Abused daily by the guards and with no contact with plants, Raine starts to die.

With more meat to the book, it could have been pretty good, even without changing the already existing events. It’s dystopian shifters at its finest. It wasn’t horrible exactly. They had been blessed to find a female Katrian, Amalia, who had similar coloring to Raine and she agreed to be the donor mother” That made me think: When The Beast defends him from the guards, Raine finds himself inexplicably drawn to the misunderstood man.

Melting The Ice Prince 3. The two meet after Raine is imprisoned for his illegal horde of plants, and is thrown to The Beast. But nobody thought of food for two days in the wild? Or will the animalistic nature of the Beast destroy their bond first? The dystopian world we got to know isn’t really that exclusive or rare Better than I thought.


When our heroes are in the forest beyond the City, they find themselves holed up while one of them is recovering. There is something special about this book. I could easily imagine The City in all its oppressive glory. I would like to read the sequel, but I’m worried that since it seems to be going to set in Katria’s Village, all I get will be a typical shifter story: If the author felt kids were vital to get that “perfect happy ending” she should have gone with the old mpreg trope, or hell used Raines totally untapped plant powers and somehow allowed him to grow a womb!

How did they not depopulate themselves into extinction, rather than showing places where the city had grown? Series by Amylea Lyn.

That was definitely a “WTF moment” for me, when I got to the last page and realized we’ll never know I also like the secondary characters here. And then my mate expected me to have sex with said person and I’m supposed to like the idea. It had great potential but there was alot of cliche shifter stuff that kind of made the last 35 pages a bit of a let down. The ending was predictable but wrapped up the story nicely. The oppressed domed city where everyone is just shades of gray.

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