Notable works, Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince (). Anuja Chandramouli (born ) is an Indian author of fantasy and historical fiction. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Anuja Chandramouli is a full-time mother of two lovely girls, as well as a part-time writer. Her academic credentials include a . arjuna saga of a pandava warrior prince anuja chandramouli. Sat, 22 Dec GMT arjuna saga of a pandava pdf – Ancient. Hindu wars are the.

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The author has brought out the real Arjuna very well in her descriptions and I would definitely give her full marks for this.

The book is nothing but cahndramouli summarised retelling of the Mahabharata. Its just that u have to see the history through Arjuna’s eyes this time and its a very bold attempt. She has done an exemplerary job is describing Arjuna which is uniquely different than the Arjuna we all had known and witnessed in the Mahabharata.

So in a world where everybody is scampering to cash in on the hype and success created by the rich landscape of India mythofantasy, Arjuna is more of the same wine in a slightly new bottle. After completing the book, I was feeling like why the hell I read this book.

Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince by Anuja Chandramouli

On the whole, I did not understand whether the author glorified him or trolled him! I liked the epic so much that I read an abridged Telugu version of Mahabharata when I was just a seven-year old.

Here’s how terms and conditions apply. For this alone she deserves a round of applause. ajuja

And not a single one do I tire of. Book doesn’t conjure anything new in in our minds.


A human Arjuna – The Hindu

Written in simple English and ornated with wonderful words, this book is definitely a great read. In fact, it detaches itself from its protagonist and analyses his persona as one would a character on the screen or in a book. Feb 19, Kislay Verma rated it liked it. Nov 27, Paromita Bardoloi rated it liked it. The Author has done an excellent job of bringing to life Arjuna, without you feeling that you have read this before.

Criticism is a part and parcel of writing but not when u capture the emotions of a character which lived chanddramouli of years ago.

Now, one more thing, as I said before, the story has too many stories inside it. The book begins with a select cast of characters that will definitely help you in getting a brief of each character well in advance before jumping into the pond. Arjuna is probably an incredibly stereotypical protagonist and the plot is also very predictable due to its own been-there-done-that qualities. Mahabharata itself is so well etched in our psyche that etching a character out of it, is never easy.

This is the intense anujz human story of his loves, friendship, ambitions, weaknesses and follies, as well as his untimely death and revival, his stint as a eunuch, and the innermost reaches of his thoughts. These pages retell in riveting detail the story of the Pandava Warrior-Prince who has captured the imagination of millions across centuries.

The presentation of the list of characters at the outset is very helpful as it aids in acquainting one with the pedigree of Arjuna and helps us maintain a picture when the author jumps through stages in Arjuna’s life.


Her son is the blind king, Dhritarashtra. Duryodhana’s Mahabharata Ajaya Book 2. All characters are flawed and their actions subject to various interpretations. Mar 25, Utkarsh rated it really liked it. It keeps you interested with the most heinous actions, incredible plots and skulduggery of some of the most celebrated heroes of history.

Book Review: ‘Arjuna’ by Anuja Chandramouli

Recommended if you are looking for some engaging Indian writing. Complete review on my blog: Vasanthi Nagaraj this book has nothing much more to offer on Arjuna apart from the Mahabharath. Just a retelling of the Mahabharata with really no new perspectives or angles. Sticks to the story 2. Janamejaya, the King of the Kurus, is about to perform the Sarpasatra, a chandramolui that will last 12 years and deplete the serpents in order to avenge his father, who was killed by the serpent king Takshaka.

But, his indecisiveness I call it, paved way for a lot of troubles. Would you like to see more reviews about ahuja item? Now, telling a story with Arjuna in focus notice I do not say Arjuna’s perspective definitely means you will have a cause to regard the story of Pandavas closely as well. If you want to read Vyaasa Mahabharat once again, go for this one. An author always chanddramouli their best shot arjua present the story in best of the manner and Anuja mam has done it perfectly.

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