: Bloodline (Bloodline (Paperback)) (): Kate Cary: Books. Thirty-five years have passed since the death of the Master. But now a new evil walks among the living When nineteen-year-old John Shaw returns. Mary Seward thought she had escaped the darkness of Transylvania. But now, back in England, she has terrible nightmares, fears the night, and sees vampires.

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The story as a whole though was interesting and there were many twists and turns that I enjoyed.

Bloodline 2

Sep 26, Carson rated it it was amazing. Personal Response I personally liked this book because it’s set during the WW1 era. Dec 02, Robin rated it liked it Shelves: Harker is a vampire that has preyed on the living for many years. Trivia About Bloodline Bloodl Not only that but the things he had witnessed of his commanderQuincey Harker.

This is truly a horrifying, yet intriguingly fantastic book by weaving her tale full of historical possibilities, drawing upon the truth for her fiction, which adds an intriguing dimension to the story.

The horrors of war have overtaken every waking moment.

Bloodline 2 by Kate Cary | : Books

Reckoning was later released. Other books in the series. I felt like some of the details could have been fleshed out more, with perhaps some subtle foreshadowing, but perhaps my missing scenes would have tied it toget I don’t typically love journal-style storytelling, but the writing flow drew me in enough to finish it.

The main thing in the book is that Lieutenant Shaw needs to recover from something called trench fever. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

This book was pretty good I enjoyed reading it. She also informed John’s sister, Lily, that he was there. I don’t think it really matters if you haven’t bloidline Dracula itself although it’s interesting to pick up the thread of the story and follow a new generation of characters.


A nice, quick read. Even though this book is about love and vampires, it is nothing like Twilight. Amusing, for a Dracula fan, but not satisfying either as a novel or a Dracula continuation. Feb 01, Pages Young Adult. Feb 01, Pages Young Adult Buy. The book switches between several of the characters as narrators in each chapter, which works effectively in this story to give the reader a more complete view of what’s going on and a more complex development of each character–characters can disagree with each other or trick each other,and while we know who we want to root for, it makes the book a lot more fun.

Mary remembers seeing John at a garden party several years before, and wants to help him. Harker leaves for London to do some work, and when he returns he tells John that his services are needed there for a few days. The frustrating thing that still gets me about these books is that they’re meant to be hloodline trilogy, but Kate Cary is a ghostwriter for the Warriors books.

I couldn’t wait for the next one,and when we got a copy of the sequel, I bloodlien the pun–that too. John does this because he thinks Quincey killed his mother, while Mary was the culprit.

Dracula Dracula II: As she nurses him she falls in love but soon comes across his journal where she discovers the full depth of his torment. Dr Seward was bloodline. Bloodline by Kate Cary Imagine being in bed and having nightmares for 2 months straight, only for these dreams of reality to be true the effects of paranormal specimens on the mind can be quite effective.

Apparently, the villainous vampire who had an affair bloodlinf Mina after the original novel’s end, and who took her to Transylvania after Jonathan’s unexpected death, was not Count Dracula at all, but rather Count Dracula’s son, Tepes.

John must storm the castle full of monstrous demons and face a famili During World War 1, 19 year old Lieutenant John Shaw is ill with what is known as trench fever. I don’t think I’ve read a book where the author did such a poor job with bloodlinf development. After some Renfield references, John regains his sanity and – surprise of all surprises – falls in love with and becomes engaged to Mary. It also meant that it was difficult sometimes to know where my sympathies lay because not everything was as black and white as it first seemed.


You don’t get that involved in bloodlline the horror of war and then not give the reader a message about it.


This book is a different take on vampires from the Dracula tales. Mary kills her by pounding a stake through her heart. Oct 26, Tatyana Klimek rated it it was amazing. Mary grew on me until I loved her character, which is probably for the best after certain developments.

The liked characters are likable and the hated are unlikable. She takes the baby and runs to the courtyard, where the secret exit is. Looking for More Great Reads? View all 4 comments. Mary’s father, though, is reminded of who Harker is and tells the lovers that they must go and rescue Lily before it’s too late. Oct 22, Gavin Westfall rated it really liked it.

At the same time, Mary and John begin to fall in love, as Mary is John’s main nurse at the hospital and they see each other for most of the day. That was another thing that annoyed me.

Not so much predictable if at all. I struggled to really get into the writing style of the book as well as finding many of the characters likeable. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. To ask other readers questions about Bloodlineplease sign up.

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