Malmö’s re-orientation from industrial city to environmental and knowledge economy involved an international housing exhibition, Bo01, that acted as a. Bo01 was planned and built on a spectacular siteoverlooking the Öresund Strait between Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden, as the European. Bo01 in Malmö, Sweden, began as an international housing exhibition in and has continued to develop as a permanent neighborhood near the city’s.

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From wasteland to recycling waste: Malmo’s eco district – CNN

The rentable electric car fleet that was available to residents never took off, and the scheme was eventually withdrawn. A Swedish way to stay green — The Western Harbour in the city of Malmo is home to some of the most energy efficient houses in Sweden. Nearly half of them purchased rights to at least two developments within the site. The original plan envisioned a system of ‘ per cent renewable energy’, however energy consumption proved to be higher than estimated.

Mwlmo most interesting things about the development are the wide variety of public spaces available to residents and city dwellers alike. Parts of the vision and the objectives have already been achieved. At present, it is mainly go01 eastern and western parts that are built ma,mo. The variety of lush urban wetlands, playgrounds for families, and intimate public squares invite neighbourly interaction.

EUR 24, Grant from Swedish government applied to pollution cleanup and creation of sustainable infrastructure systems: Some critics have suggested that demand bl01 parking was underestimated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If you’re current or former military, you’d better read this.


How one eco-project in Malmo changed the future of industrial wastelands

Languages Svenska Edit links. Malmk expo would showcase what was achievable in terms of designing, planning and building to the highest quality and energy efficiency standards.

The amount of control exerted by the municipal planning side made it unattractive for some developers. The preliminary evaluations also show that the actual energy use is closer to the target than in the earlier stages. In the first stage, Bo01, energy use was higher than expected.

Possibilities that were opened up for the area? A most significant positive experience was collaborating on and achieving a shared vision of sustainability among companies malom organizations with different goals. Views Read Edit View history. How to access your home’s equity. The last development area is Galeonen, which is located at the very north of the area.

The international housing exhibition opened on May 17,and ran through September 16, It was created as part of the European Housing Expo in and is notable for its sustainable character. EUR 45, Total revenue from sale of malo rights: The area started becoming commercially defunct in the late 80s.

Further description of the experiences: However following the decline of the company the area was left largely abandoned. Meera Senthilingammwlmo CNN. This allowed the Property Administration Department and the Department of Public Works to begin cleanup on site, start construction of public services, and plot the individual building sites.

Västra Hamnen area – Bo01 – waterfront regeneration in Malmö

Despite Bo01’s ambition of creating mixed forms of ownership to reduce the risk of ghetto formation, the residents of Bo01 constitute a homogenous group. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Do this before your next mortgage payment it’s genius! The incorporation of green elements in the individual projects beyond basic landscaping at the ground level of exterior areas proved to be a success as well.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The vacuum garbage disposal system then takes the separated food waste off for composting and bio-gas.

Food waste is converted to biogas, and then used to run the local buses. Design and construction would enable live testing of new sustainable methods and technologies for application on a wider scale.

Positive experiences include the success of the exhibition form of development as both a marketing tool for the city malmoo a catalyst for attracting further development to a particular area. One of the goals of the development was that amlmo resident vo01 able to see water from their home, so canals, ponds and water features were integrated into central public spaces that connect the various developments.

Shipping facilities have since been replaced with homes, shops and office buildings whose energy needs are met solely with renewable sources. In the Swedish city of Malmo, an old shipyard has been converted from industrial wasteland to spotless eco-district, setting a world class example for sustainable living. What began as a small, ambitious project, has set a global precedent and the future of industrial wastelands could be significantly greener.

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Sweden has been using biomethane for transport for nearly a decade, and other countries — mostly in Europe — are embracing the idea. Bo01s strong environmental profile is evident in many of the districts features.

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