Brian Keene (novel), William M. Miller (screenplay) NOLAN GOULD ON THE SET OF GHOUL Ghoul premier At Park City Utah Nolan Gould, Carol Jean Wells, . Written by: Matthew J. Barbour Brian Keene has written a lot of books. The narrative of Ghoul focuses on three 12 year old boys and their. Brian Keene’s Ghoul focuses on three twelve-year-old friends—Timmy, Barry and Doug—during the summer of as the boys discover a.

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I read one specific passage to my wife, who asked me to stop.

Anyone he kills he must let fester for several days. The plot is pretty straight-forward and ends with the death of the monster. It’s a look back at the gyoul that made being a child in the mid-eighties particularly fantastic.

But my point is easily understood, I think, and probably well advertised.

Karen Moore Tim Bell Doug flees but his bike’s kickstand rattles and the ghoul begins to chase him but Doug escapes. And that’s why I love the ending of this book. Is it inevitable that we become what we hate?

GHOUL in Audiobook

Timmy will be able to hang out with his best friends, Berry and Doug. Honestly, that’s what it reminded me of. The book opens with two high school seniors having sex in the cemetery. Inthree 12yo friends discover, and battle, a ghoul in their local graveyard, and also family and life problems.


Brian Keene ‘Ghoul’ Review

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The scenes involve a young man named Barry, and… …and it might be time for you to stop reading if you want to remain unspoiled.

Instead his summer will be filled with terror and a life-and-death battle against a nightmarish creature that few will believe even exists. Mar 07, Kelleynotlp rated it liked it. The darkness hid its features.

A cemetery will of course always be a pretty creepy setting for a story and Keene obviously capitalizes on that. The writing is dry, flat, and ordinary. Barry’s father, Clark, is the caretaker of the biran.

Ghoul (novel) – Wikipedia

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Timmy’s mom will not allow him to so he goes home and locks himself in his room only to be woken up by his mother who has snuck in through the window and is attempting to molest him. This was a nice retro coming of age horror story. This has been and will always be my favorite Keene book. You can visit M. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It’s about a young boy and his two best friends and the summer when they must deal with everyday monsters as well as a slimy, corpse-eating ghoul.


Passion, love, family, friends, survival, adventure, and more can be found. Three strangers awake in a woodland clearing beside a shallow grave and discover one of them is destined to fill it by sunset. Terrific coming-of-age story about three young boys growing up in the ‘s who must battle an underground-dwelling ghoul to save their town and overcome their own fears, which are caused largely in part from their own personal demons.

I’m not saying I need the ghoul to be the most multi-faceted antagonist of all time.

Jan 13, Scott rated it it was amazing. Unfortunately, the author hits the reader over the head with it, just in case we missed it.

The punishment hurt Timmy’s father who cried the entire time and cried all night afterwards. They end up facing krene monster that has dwelled beneath their cemetery playground for centuries and other more human monsters that live among them.

It’s a high school summer job for Julia and Alexander – the chance to earn money and work with eccentric, charismatic social studies teacher, Mr.

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