Cognos Tutorials And Trainings Cognos PowerPlay Tutorial Cognos Movies Cognos Analysis Studio quick tour Cognos training space Cognos ReportNet. Cognos powerplay. 1. COGNOS – Powerplay; 2. The worlds best-selling OLAP software lets usersexplore volumes of data with. You use IBM® Cognos® PowerPlay® Studio to create and view reports that are based on PowerCube data sources. You access PowerPlay Studio from the IBM .

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Users can browse the source data by using Data Source Viewer.

PowerPlay Transformer Guide – Products dimension In this lesson we will create two additional dimensions: Optionally, powerpla PowerCube data sources, the administrator can choose to automatically generate a package when they create the data source connection, eliminating the need to create the package in Framework Manager.

Posted by Siva Mandala On 1: The time dimension levels in the PowerCube are depicted below: When all dimensions and measures are set up, we will generate PowerCubes and open it in PowerPlay. If a model contains multiple data sources, then the columns can be duplicated.

Fixed costs – calculated per the whole year. Do you want years in the dimension?

IBM Cognos Transformer

Managing Your Reports After you create one or more reports, you can manage them for yourself and others. The measure will be allocated. How to treat a week which spans a month? The data source properties window also allows users to choose the datasource type, point to the right file or database server and set up a number of processing options, like: It tutoriwl a high The Analysis Studio Quick Tour teaches the basic skills needed to analyze business results.


Do you want days in the time dimension? The final model structure is shown below: Main PowerPlay Transformer features: In the following example we will analyze revenue, constant costs and variable costs.

IBM Cognos Transformer

Gross revenue – the source data stores sales records on a daily basis. Insert data into an empty crosstab, nest, replace, sort data in a cube Explore data by changing Do you want months in the time dimension? Fact less Fact Table? The default Cognos PowerPlay transformer window is composed of the following windows depicted on the the screenshots below. Gather business users requirements Create a Model Plan which will include design and data requirements for the model and decide on the cube distribution methodology Select measures Plan dimensions and levels Design and develop the PowerPlay model in Transformer Create PowerPlay cubes and distribute cogno to the end users Analyze and explore the cube data using PowerPlay Vognos Transformer Model can be also created using a wizard with AutoDesign function or manually.

Cognos Powerplay Transformer – multiple data sources in a model with the data source definition: We will analyze the following measures from our tutorial business scenario:. Each source can be expanded and it lists all available columns.

The time source data is in the DT column in the model. We will cognls into more details on that options later on in this tutorial.

Bharati DW Consultancy: Basic Cognos Powerplay Transformer Cubes – Tutorial 1-of

Source data typically comes from a data warehouse, sometimes from production ERP system and in many cases includes multiple sources in order to deliver information required by the model. It lets you examine many combinations of the key dimensions and measures in your data.


PowerCubes provide secure and fast data access. Cognos provides an powerplya support for handling time dimensions which is working very well. Cognos Powerplay Transformer model for the palm nursery business scenario: Newer Post Older Powdrplay Home. Put the PowerCube file name: Each of the dimensions will have its own levels and categories and a single drill-down path.

Our goal is to be able to compare revenue to fixed and variable futorial in all the time dimension levels available. Dimensions and underlaying Levels are created by moving columns from the Data Sources window to the corresponding dimension column. It gives a brief overview of Cognos Impromptu and explains how to connect to a data mart and explore data. Split between the two Customers and Customer Region. Both viewers provide access to report options such as drill through and the ability to open the report in PowerPlay Studio.

To add measures to the model, follow the instructions below: Using Framework Manager, a modeler builds a model from the data source and then publishes packages to make the data available to report authors.

Different type of Cognos Logs.

PowerPlay Studio

We see below that fixed costs have been allocated in a constant fashion: Other measures can be calculated. It allows creating new dimensions and modifying existing using an user-friendly graphical interface. Users learn how to utilize the Report Studio Prompt Expressions between R There are also 9 flash movies with guides on how to work with cognos. tutorual

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