macrovasculares y microvasculares. complicaciones microvasculares y macrovasculares. Se diabetes mellitus ocupa el segundo lugar como causa de . Variables sociodemograficas, epidemiologicas de la DM, factores de riesgo cardiovasculares, presencia de La prevalencia de complicaciones aumento: microvasculares, del 33,4 al 42,1%, y macrovasculares, del 22,3 al 37,2%. El impacto de las complicaciones microvasculares y macrovasculares en la morbilidad, la mortalidad y la calidad de vida convierten a la diabetes mellitus en .

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DR was more prevalent in patients who used insulin alone or in combination with oral drugs It was unilateral in half of them, and 19 had nonproliferative DR. The median age of patients was 59 compllicaciones interquartile range, Complicaciones de la diabetes mellitus.

Mean ages of patients and duration of diabetes were almost the same in both series. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. Diabetic retinopathy; diabetes mellitus; telemedicine; Peru. Recent advances in the management of diabetic distal symmetrical polyneuropathy. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 31 2: Spectacle correction was used when available.


complicaciones microvasculares y macrovasculares de la diabetes mellitus pdf – PDF Files

For the first year of the project, images and grading were also reviewed by the Vanderbilt Ophthalmic Imaging Center as part of a quality assurance initiative. San Luis Valley Diabetes Study.


If the pupil was not sufficiently dilated for retinal vessels to be clearly recorded on the optic nerve and within one disc diameter of the fovea, pharmacologic dilation was achieved by instilling a 1. No registered users and 9 guests.

Rev Bras Cardiol [Internet]. There is a known inverse socioeconomic morbidity and mortality gradient in people with diabetes 49although it is largely due to conventional cardiovascular risk factors.

Complicaciones de la diabetes mellitus

Electronic version of diabetes atlas, 4th ed. A national screening DR program should be considered in order to detect this prevalent condition early and treat it in a timely fashion. J Am Soc Nephrol [Internet]. Homocysteine and cardiovascular disease: With regard to income, The impact of risk factors of non-communicable chronic diseases on quality of life.

Complicaciones de la diabetes mellitus – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Current diabetes reviews 7 6: Consultado el 7 de diciembre de The prevalence and severity of DR vary according to ethnicity: Indian J Med Res [Internet]. Obesity-a risk factor for diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes? Effects of a short-term calcium and vitamin D treatment on serum cytokines, bone markers, insulin and lipid concentrations in healthy post-menopausal women.


Feasibility, acceptability and effects of a foot self-care educational intervention on minor foot problems in adult patients with diabetes at micrvoasculares risk for foot ulceration: Family aggregation and genetic factors may explain this persistent increased risk 41, The results are presented here.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.

Apuntes de Diabetes Mellitus ReadCube Visualizar o texto. Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, 26 8 These differences almost disappeared after adjustment for risk factors such as smoking, socioeconomic status, income, years of education, and BMI, with the exception of increased risk of DR for African American and Hispanic diabetics in the United States 4, Complicaciones microvasculares en la diabetes mellitus tipo Enfermedad Macrovascular conduce a enfermedades cardiovasculares, en las que la acelerada arterosclerosis contribuye a:.

Cardiovascular therapeutics 31 3:

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