7 मार्च Flowers white. It perenates by fleshy roots/root-tubers. Tuberous root is used in ayurvedic medicin. Cultivation of safed musli is more profitable. of many Ayurvedic tonics. The roots fetch an attractive market price (presently. Rs , per kg of dry peeled fleshy roots). Safed musli. CLIMATE. It can be. Chlorophytum borivilianum (family Liliaceae) is a high-value medicinal plant becoming rare because it is harvested fromthe wild. To encourage.

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Land Preparation in Safed Musli Cultivation: The crop matures in about 90 days under cultivation. Make sure to irrigate the raised beds well before plantation.

Grub worms ruin the roots of plants by munching on them. Manures and Fertilizers in Safed Musli Cultivation: Majority of the respondents i. Health Benefits of Safed Musli: Season for Safed Musli Cultivation: It was found that in case of non-tribal respondents there has been highly significant correlation between occupation, education, social participation, media exposure with knowledge, education, land with level of adoption and age, media exposure with attitude. After the leaf fall, the tubers should continue to be in the ground and they should not be plucked as the tube colour start changing od this will give more value.


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It was noted that the extension agents were preferred at the top priority by both cultibation types of farmers for becoming acquainted with the latest technology of cultivation of safed musli.

As part of the land preparation, raised beds should be prepared by keeping the distance of 24 inches and 12 inches of height to prevent water logging and for the proper development of the tubers.

Safed Musli Crop Information | Apni Kheti

It was reported that tribals and non-tribals both, expressed highest problems regarding financial constraints, whereas, lowest problems were noted about general constraints aspects. Soil should have proper drainage to drain out any excess water. Safed musli is of great importance in context due to its medicinal value. Its roots are cultivayion for preparing various drugs. It was found that the medicinal plants safed musli was perceived to be most profitable in comparison to cereal crops and cash crops.

The soil having pH ranging from 6. After sowing cover bed with light soil. Mudli kind of deficiency should be immediately traced and the required content should be supplied.

How to grow Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum) – Krishisewa

In Rajasthan, it is found wild in tribal dominated pockets of Udaipur and Banswara district in limited area and quantity. Generally maturity of the crop can be identified by drying up and falling leaves. From dried material several products like Safed musli powder and Safed musli tonics are cultivatino after processing.


Punjab Agricultural University Ludhiana 2. It was reported that the respondents of both the categories possessed highest knowledge about some of the crucial improved cultivation of safed musli sub aspects viz.


Plant starts yielding in about 90 days after planting. Major pests found in safed musli cultivation are: After chemical treatment, use seeds for mus,i. Your email and password is incorrect!

Then peeling is done and then they are packed in air tight bags for transportation and for less spoilage. Tuberous root is used in ayurvedic medicin. However, water-logging should be avoided by providing proper drainage.

The practice of planting on top of the ridges of cm height at a row distance of 30×15 cm is found adequate for obtaining commercial yield. Department of Agriculture 3. It gives best result when grown under red soil rich in organic matter.

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