Host – Stephenie Meyer – “The Host― is a Stephenie Meyer PDF The. Host is one of the . DESCARGA EN. PDF: La Huesped ( host – stephenie meyerdescarga en pdf: la huesped (the host), de stephenie meyer. The Host: (La huésped) – Ebook written by Stephenie Meyer. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for. Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away. The earth has been invaded by a species that take over the minds of human hosts while leaving their bodies intact.

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That’s just funny to me. The society seem to have 3 classes Healers their Doctors, Seekers their police force, and the general populace they are never referred to as more then Souls.

An alien invader who could read the mind of its host would learn to only make food with essential nutrients and stuff, to keep the populace as healthy as possible. Eventually, in a weakened state, Melanie allows something to slip through the wall she has constructed to keep Wanderer away from the people she loves.

They are emotionally immature, intense, and display their passion with an abnormal display of affection and cheesiness to the women who make them crazy with love. I was already irritated because the way the story was being set df was that we the human readers are supposed to be rooting for the body-snatching, world cleansing aliens because they are “good” and we wl supposed to be seeing the human resistance as bad because humanity as presented in this book is incapable of respecting and taking good care of our beautiful planet.

Those are more accurate phrases, more fitting descriptions of my reaction at the end of this book.

La huésped

But alas, it is not in my genetic makeup to leave a book unread. View all 15 comments. Even though aliens are the big problem, it is not just your regular alien-invasion sci-fy book. The problem with The Host isn’t simply that it is poorly written, but that every single character in the book is idiotic yet we llbro supposed to like them. Wanderer might be nearly perfect, but her internal conflict and the external factors i. Don’t say something is really fucking easy and then go and show exactly how not-easy it is.


This was only compounded by its length. There is no climax. I’m hoping she’ll be writing the next books in the series, soon!

I like how we perceive the humans through her eyes, how we get an idea of their motives from her which she is normally wrong about, and then we slowly see the change. The sci-fi backdrop of this novel is laughable. It ended the way I wanted it to, which made me happy, but I still don’t like you, get over it. So the alien now loves Jared. More by Stephenie Meyer See more. She convinces Wanderer to go search for them and when the chance presents itself she slips away from the Seeker and sets off to find the people THEY love.

F I may not like Stephenie Meyer’s other work, but I was trying to give her a chance in this book. If you go see it and find the story compelling but the acting not so much, please pick up the book and r Edited after seeing the movie: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I like looking at humanity through alien eyes. They are afraid she is there to get information to take back to the Seekers and then come back and capture them all.

I am told that this did not work too well in the movie, but as a book it makes great interesting reading. And it can also be said that this is actually a love fourangle – 3 boddies and 4 souls. Yes, saying you’d die is too melodramatic.

So in turn, I hated reading. Feb 13, Lissa added it Shelves: Unfortunately, the thing that drives me to write today is the poorly written book known as The Hostby none other than Stephenie “Sparkling Vampires” Huexped. Let’s get to business. The very first words said were my feeling, Unexpectedly moving and kindly notice the four dots, Huespd dots after that. This couple has abuse written all over it. Plus; there is a four-way love triangle. Of course, you knew it would happen from the beginning, but I have to wonder whether it would be a better ending to just let her die.

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Even though the first pages or so are slightly slow the rest of the book is fast paced and becomes a very interesting read.


The Host (The Host, #1) by Stephenie Meyer

She was willing to share her host body, where everyone else of her kind would not dare. I like Jamie, best character besides Kyle in the whole damn book. Using or being led by Melanie, Wanderer finds possible the last outpost of pure Humans.

As Wanderer gradually gets to know and understand Melanie, she dreams more and more of Jared stepheniee Jamie until she finds herself ruled by Melanie’s desire to find them, a desire stronger than the need to keep them safe from the parasites. In Animorphs, the book series by Katherine Applegate the idea pretty much mirrors I know it’s not original but I grew up with it so bite methe Yeerks evolved alongside the Gedds, and the Gedds were pretty crappy hosts anyway. We both started at the huespeed.

I’m trying my best to tell you what this book is about, but honestly it is about nothing.

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