Draft standard DIN – Draft. Welding flanges – Part 1: Tanks and sea boxes, nominal pressure 10 and German title. DIN ISO General tolerances; tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications; identical with ISO Standard [PRE-ORDER] DIN Welding flanges – Part 1: Tanks and sea boxes, nominal pressure 10 and Publication date:

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Flange adapters, flanges, sealing rings for socket welding; dimensions. Screw threads for drill pipes for seamless drill pipes for water and rock drillings according to the percussion drilling and core drilling method.

Cement mortar linings for ductile iron and steel 8041 and fittings; application, requirements and testing. Reinforced concrete pressure pipes, cylinder type, including joints and fittings.

Requirements for vitrified clay pipes and joints for pipe jacking. Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin UP-GF pipe fittings and joint assemblies; fittings; general quality requirements and testing. Fin cement pipes and fittings for pressure pipelines; pipes, dimensions. Discover also Certification, assessment, diagnosis Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified.

Ductile iron castings for gas and water pressure pipelines; MI-fittings, socketed spigots with plane end branch; application dimensions and masses. Affiliation List of ICS codes. Porthole tubes, tolerances on dimensions and form. Caution the offer 1 user is reserved dln a single user, any broadcast even within his company is prohibited.

DIN 86041 vs ASME B16.5

Coupling nuts and screwed plugs for use with PN 40 flared 8604 solderless compression couplings in refrigerating systems.

Plastics piping and ducting systems — Thermoplastics pipes and fittings — Determination of Vicat softening temperature VST. Pipe joint assemblies and fittings for types 1 and 2 polypropylene PP pressure pipes; tees and branches produced by segment inserts and necking for butt welding; dimensions. Steel socket pipes and fittings for sewers; technical delivery conditions.


Thermoplastics piping systems — Non-end-load-bearing elastomeric sealing ring type joints between pressure pipes and moulded fittings — Test method for leaktightness under internal hydrostatic pressure whithout end thrust.

Copper and copper 886041 — Combustion method for determination of carbon on the inner surface of copper tubes or fittings. Glass 8601 reinforced polyester resin UP-GF pipe fittings and joint assemblies; collars, flanges, joint rings, dimensions. Non-soldering compression couplings — Union nuts for butt joints. Clamping plates for the suspension of pipes on I and IP steel beams.

Thread run-outs and thread undercuts for pipe 886041 conforming to ISO part 1. Mondon Date of publication: Welding flanges — Part 2: Pipe threads for tubes and fittings; sizes for taper screw limit plug gauges for parallel internal thread. Legal notices 8604 credits FAQ.

Ductile iron collars for use with gas and water pipes dimensions and mass. General requirements for components used in discharge pipes, drains and sewers for gravity systems. Plastics piping systems — Thermoplastics piping systems for buried non-pressure applications — Test methods for leaktightness of elastomeric sealing ring type joints.

Whitworth pipe threads for pipe couplings; parallel internal threads and taper external threads; thread dimensions. Hexagonal bars; tolerances on dimensions and form.

DIN – European Standards

Socket-fittings for pressure piping of unplasticized polyvinylchloride PVC-U ; symbols. Injection-moulded elbows for solvent cementing; Dimensions.

Fibre cement pipes and fittings for sewers — Part 1: Prestressed concrete pressure pipes, cylinder and non-cylinder, including 886041, fittings and specific requirement for prestressing steel 8641 pipes. Round bars, tolerances on dimensions and form. Pipe joints and components of unplasticized poly vinyl chloride PVC U for pipes under pressure — Part 3: Purchase More information add to basket.


Pipe joint assemblies and fittings for types 1 to 3 polypropylene PP pressure pipes; injection-moulded fittings for butt welding; dimensions. Pipe joint assemblies and fittings for types 1 and 2 high-density polyethylene HDPE pressure pipes; injection moulded reducers and nipples for socket welding; dimensions.

Concrete pipes and fitting; dimensions, technical conditions of delivery. More information add to basket. General quality requirements, testing. Select the first category of products searched and follow the instructions.

High-density polyethylene PE-HD pipes and fittings for hot-water resistant waste and 860441 discharge systems HT inside buildings — Part April Number of pages: Drainage systems on ships and marine structures.

Welding Flanges – Part 1: Tanks and sea boxes, nominal pressure 10 and 16

Welding Flanges — Part 1: Pipe clamps for shipboard use – Fastening clamps with bracket – Part 3: Preparation of welds; part 4: Edge preparation for welding; matching of inside diameter for circumferential welds on seamless pipes. Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin 68041 pipes, fittings and joints for use in chemical pipelines; Technical delivery conditions.

Rectangular bars, tolerances on dimensions and form. Measurement of flow of waste water in open channels and gravity conduits; general information. Fittings for use in air distribution systems; overview and dimensions. 866041 piping and ducting systems — Injection-moulded thermoplastics fittings — Test method for visually assessing effects of heating.

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