The measurement system for all stages of machine set-up Easy-Laser® E gives you all the functions for shaft alignment plus the opportunity to check the. Measure and easily correct machinery misalignment with the EASY-LASER® E laser shaft alignment system.

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Easy Laser E710

The measuring units M and S are easily mounted on each side of the coupling and communicate with the display unit wireless. With our program for measuring straightness, you can easily measure long shafts, rolls, bearings, bases, machine structures etc.

The display unit for the E series enables you to work more efficiently and for longer than ever before thanks to several ee710 solutions. All our measurement systems come with the extremely useful Wasy program. This means you will be able to display data on a multit In addition, the two Enter buttons make the system suitable for both right and left-handed users.

Easy Laser E | Nexxis

Carry out the following:. Info Features how to use system parts technical data downloads. Other shaft alignment systems. This allows you to immediately see if the alignment is within the approved parameters, thereby considerably reducing the amount of time spent on alignment.


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With E you can carry out the following: They contain further information about our products. You will be able to get the result for both the horizontal and vertical alignment, graphically as well as digitally. Easy Laser E uses the same system for all stages of machine set-up. The Values program can be used e. The twist measurement program allows you to check the flatness or twist of the machine foundation using only the measuring units in the system.

Horizontally mounted machines often consist of a pump and a motor, but can also include other types of machines such as gearboxes and compressors. Just follow these simple steps:.

Easy-Laser® E710

With Easy Laser E you paser rest assured your machinery is precisely aligned and operating at maximum efficiency. The units also have two extra screw holes for additional mounting options. Just follow these simple steps: With advanced “best-fit” calculations.

eas It does not just give you all the functions for shaft alignment, it also gives the opportunity to check the machine base and any bearing play using the standard equipment! The thinking behind the rigid and compact design, is that it will simplify positioning and provide varying installation methods. Yes, I would like to subscribe to the Easy-Laser newsletter.

Damalini AB Work Sweden. This is an important part of securing a reliable alignment. Using the system you can align sheaves and pulleys with digital precision.


Manuals | Easy-Laser

More languages to follow. The so called reversed measurement method with two laser beams and two PSD makes it possible to also measure very incorrectly set machines.

Compensation values for the machines are normally supplied by the manufacturers.

You can customise what your Excel reports should look like and what data should be visible and where it should be positioned. With E you can carry out the following:. When we talk about simplicity we mean several things, for example, simple to place or mount the measurement equipment on the measurement object, easy to perform the measurement and easy to interpret the measurement result.

The database can also be located on a common server and shared with other users. Horizontal alignment with the E alignment system.

Two methods are available: Measurement results can be checked against pre-defined tolerance tables or values you determine yourself. To get even more out of your system, add the D22 swiveling laser. The barcode reader lser used to enter the measurement object data automatically before measurement, which can save you time, and minimizes errors.

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