Epec CAN Module Family CONTROL MODULE G08 / MAN DOCUMENT VERSION HISTORY Date Notes Document . Epec provides software tools for control system programming, adjusting, and testing. From the systems engineering viewpoint, it is not enough to have sufficient. Open and compatible. Embedded control systems are based on PLCopen and CANopenĀ®, which make them easily scalable to meet requirements for both.

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There are, for example, outputs which source current and outputs which sink current. Also the environmental suitability of equipment should be checked protection for moisture, mechanical stability, power durability, coupling resistance, among other things?

EPEC controller Manual _Download Manual

There are bits in IX area associated with these inputs to support the DI functionality. In very carefully selected applications a pin of this type can also be used as an input by using the output state monitoring feature.

This product complies with those certifications and standards that are listed below. All claims with respect to defects in the products shall be made to the manufacturer without delay and no later than on the seventh 7th day after the defect has been or should have been discovered by the buyer. Puncture hole fastening 7.

All functions return automatically to within normal limits after exposure is removed. Closed light cast aluminium housing? This feature makes it possible to detect open loads and short circuits to the supply voltage.


Pulse Input channels Channel 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Pin X3. The maximum frequencies given in the table below are such frequencies which make the module to freeze in practice if all inputs are connected to their maximum frequencies.

Violating this rating may lead to system not recognizing all input epef transitions Note 4: Possible to add external c-programmed library? Mounting position horizontal or vertical to allow water etc. These parameters depend on software cycle time Note 5: The manufacturer will e;ec a scrapping fee from the buyer according to the manufacturer’s price epeec in force from time to time.

CANopen for all physical buses? The application program can also simultaneously monitor the actual state of the pin. Test method ISOpulse 5?

The downloading of the application programs can only be done via CAN1.

Violating this rating may lead to incorrect measurement or counting Note 7: In PLCopen programming environment, epex is a word variable in IW area associated with each pin from where the software can read the actual current flowing into the pin. The shutdown circuit cuts off the power feed for the logic and loads in case of overvoltage.

The features of this product should be well documented in machine and control system documents Epec Epc reserves all rights for improvements without prior notice Epec Oy Matinkatu 6 FIN Sein? In other words, pins connect the load to the ground. Module position Mounting base Mounting base Module position? Violating this rating may lead to system not recognizing all input state transitions Note 2: The first is a bit variable in the IX area just in the same way as with the pins without the PI features.


Otherwise operation of other inputs may be interfered Note 3: Test method Elec ? Digital outputs can be configured to be used eepec digital inputs and vice versa. The pulse counting competes with the application program and epex processes for the CPU time. With input voltages below 4,3 V it seems like the internal epdc resistance was connected to a 1,3 V voltage source.

Applies to inputs used as normal digital inputs. So, the practical limits are lower but the maximum values of the table still give the basis for the estimation. The manufacturer gives the warranty of twelve 12 months to the products and thereto related firmware from commissioning or eighteen 18 months from the date of delivery of the products which ever occurs first The manufacturer is during the warranty period responsible for defects in the products and thereto related firmware resulting from faults in material, design or workmanship.

epec 2024 control module

Applies to inputs used as normal digital input. Additional module 2042 for wires and connectors is also available E 6. For more information refer to programming manuals.

Inputs of this type are also suitable for quadrature sensor position counting. All conditions must be respected. Module has a shutdown circuit which protects the module and loads elec overvoltage.

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