The Java Media Framework (JMF) is an exciting and versatile API that the Java 2 platform, complete source files, and other tools essential for. Java Media Framework API (JMF). 19 January One of JMF’s important design considerations is to support standard protocols. JMF provides. Essential Jmf – Java Media Framework has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. Essential JMF: Java Media Framework helps you master the key elements of JMF developm.

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One of JMF’s important design considerations is to support standard protocols. When the Player is ready, it will notify the application of its state changes.

Some familiarity with both the GUI and networking classes will help you more quickly understand the discussion and examples here, but are not prerequisites of this tutorial.

Integrating a Custom Control. Creating a Player from a URL.

The final destination of a DataSink is specified by a Essental object. From this, you can begin to see how our different components are linked together in the process model: After that point, the application could use the control to manipulate the media programmatically. Implementing the DataSource Class.

Essential JMF – Java Media Framework

The functional goal of this example is to play a local audio file through a command-line interface. Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments. Subscribe me to comment notifications. References to this book Symposium on Visual Languages Snippet view – In fact, instances of this interface act much like their real-life counterparts.


Essential Jmf – Java Media Framework by Rob Gordon

Replace audioFile with the file name of an audio file on your local system. Synchronizing the Forward Transitions. Finally, this media player application contains a main method, which lets it be invoked iava the command line by passing in the file name.

Deallocating the Text Player. The MediaPlayerFrame class needs one minor tweak to be able to receive and play the transmitted audio media. SyncStarting the AbstractCo ntroller.

Rather, we’ve focused on the basic concepts and applications of JMF; with this foundation, you can more easily branch out into other areas of study. Retrieving the Package Prefix Lists.

Normalizing the Event List. You will find that many details that are not covered here are explained in the source code comments. Gladson marked it as to-read Aug 08, We will create a Player instance much like we did in the previous example, and obtain many of the visual components to create our visual media viewer directly from JMF objects.

Essential Jmf – Java Media Framework

MultiPlayer State Change Notification. Alan rated it it was ok Aug 28, As part of the third exercise, we’ll modify the GUI-enabled media player to let it receive and play broadcast media. Prefetching the Text Player. Java is an object-oriented programming language, so the DataSource class encapsulates everything required to retrieve the content, including the location of the file which could be a local file or an Internet linkand determines what protocol and decoder should be used to read the content.


JMF is an application programming interface for incorporating audio, video and other time-based media into Java applications and applets. The final demo application shows how JMF can be used over a network.

You should note that a video camera delivers both video and audio data.

It is processed by a media format converter, and the output is placed in a new file. Here’s the code to create the DataSource instance:.

Capture devices are the hardware you use to capture the data. In this section we’ll create an application that can display and run both audio and video farmework from your local machine.

We’ll discuss the reason for this change in a later section.

Essential JMF: Java Media Framework – Rob Gordon, Stephen Talley – Google Books

JMF components are designed after the model of media playback as shown in Figure 1. To Thread or Not to Thread. Calling a createRealizedPlayer method causes the calling thread to block until the player reaches the Realized state. Overview of a JMF Player. Java Media Framework” helps you master the key elements of JMF development, including class structure and Player Design, plus advanced techniques such as synchronizing multiple Players and creating Player controls.

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