Their fearsome powers seem to be almost reflections of the holy powers of the Solar Exalted. As such, an Abyssal’s innate powers should have. The Abyssal Exalted, commonly referred to as Deathknights, are Exalted champions of the Deathlords and their Neverborn masters. They have. Abyssal Resonance Unlike most Exalted, who see their personalities twisted into monstrous mockeries of their normal behaviors through the.

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Abyssals – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

Don’t wanna kill people? Contents [ show ]. Charms that merely add Limit function as stated above. As a priest of the Midnight caste you may rouse the dead from their rightful repose and bend them to your blasphemous will.

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It is also the absence or mercy, compassion, hope and life it’s self. Once per week, when brokering deals between others, sometimes including himself as a party a Moonshadow Exalted can further bind the contract.

The first time an Abyssal transgresses against his Dark Fate in a scene, he aabyssal Resonance equal to the successes on an Essence roll.

A deathknight who is successful in this roll feels the Whispers of the Neverborn clawing through her soul. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. It means they don’t own you anymore.

The only thing the Neverborn punish more severely than supporting life is opposing Oblivion. Alternately, the Moonshadow Caste can spend 1 hero point to bind an oath in the undying chains of the Neverborn, causing any who freely make such an oath to suffer horrific punishments should they break it. Cheating Death and Eternal Life: Their fearsome powers seem to be almost reflections of the holy powers of exated Solar Exalted. Although the character has no say in how or when a Resonance eruption occurs, his player spends abysswl points among the four types of eruption, however the Storyteller retains veto power and can exercise this if the choices do not impose any actual drawbacks.


If the Abyssal actually does hold a positive Intimacy for her mate, the protection goes even farther, shielding her from sins of death so long as her actions are in direct support or defense of the Lunar. Destroying the Neverborn will not free them from this curse. The slain Primordials do not always object when their servants fight.

Right off the bat the book begins to immerse you into the “underworld”. November 04, It goes into depth about the conditions this world is in, and how it got there, but it exaltde bore.

Complications All Abyssals are required to take several complications: Something went wrong and about half of the Solar sparks escaped. It’s the rare situation where I agree with the developers “Less is More” approach to Exalted’s Cosmology.


The Abyssal Great Curse is a palpable aura of the malice of the slain Primordials abysssl, called Resonance. This book is largely about ghosts, and the politics of the underworld with a later section on the hard rules of creating and playing Abyssals. Thus, an Abyssal with no positive Intimacy could safely protect her mate from demons, but not a horde of specters since the sin of death for opposing creatures of death still applies even though defending the specific life is permitted.

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Exzlted material is not official and is not endorsed by White Wolf Publishing. In addition to the Deathlords, this book covers the inhabitants and geography of the Underworld-which, as you may surmise, is a bleak, brooding reflection of the living lands of Creation. Errata — Second Edition The guidelines and rules for Abyswal redemption are as follows: When day breaks, a faint trace of the night’s darkness lingers briefly.

The inherent power to exslted redemption is the legacy of every Solar Exaltation, drawing on the metaphysical inviolability of Ignis Divine. Though the Neverborn can instill Resonance in their slaves, they are merely conduits of Oblivion. These malicious Children of Ash spread their dark masters’ influence through out what ever lands they reside exated and along with the priests of the Midnight caste found powerful death cults to please their wicked patrons.

Essence spent from the character’s personal pool causes his anima to flare as if the motes had been spent from his peripheral pool.

Caste Requirements Each Caste has certain minimum requirements: It’s far too detailed, and this really takes away from those initial “cool ideas.

So long as Oblivion threatens the universe, the dark fate of the Abyssal Exalted is an immutable facet of their existence.

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