The Leuchter Reports has 16 ratings and 4 reviews. N said: Article by Germar Rudolf: The Forensics Report That Changed History: The Leuchter Report is one of those rare and most precious documents. Prepared and written by Fred A. Leuchter, a consultant in the United States for the. The best known “expert analysis” of this variety is the so-called “Leuchter Report,” issued by an American manufacturer of execution equipment and proclaimed.

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This would mean that remaining “acceptable” specimens include: Lenski, The Holocaust on Trailp.

Even though the delousing facility was exposed to a lesser amount of HCN than the “gas chambers,” the walls of the delousing facility were impregnated with warm HCN for at least twelve hours a day. Lleuchter chamber is clearly not an execution chamber. Every member of the fumigation squad must know where these objects are located.

The walls were impregnated with hot HCN for at least 12 hours a day, which would induce the formation of a stain: Brugger, a lawyer in New York City, I began an inquiry into this area.

Should gas seep through the mask, leave the building immediately and change filters after also checking the mask and its fit to see whether they are tight. These results were graphically produced in Appendix Rdport of the Report and displayed to the jury on an overhead projector, the difference in detected cyanide between the delousing facility on one hand and the alleged gas chambers on the other, was spectacular.

Ernst Zundel had been previously tried on the same charge in The locations from which the analyzed samples were removed are set out in Table III. Gas masks, apparatus for resuscitation and gas detectors are to be kept frer at all times. There were several areas in this building that were permanently sealed and not available for the author’s inspection.


Germar Rudolf podcast interview.

Full text of “The Leuchter Report”

Post the guards in such a way that they are not annoyed by the gas as it blows out, but can still watch the entrances to the building. The doors and windows must be gasketed or sealed with a rubberized or pitched canvas and sealed with neoprene sealant or tar.

It becomes advantageous to control disease, free up much needed land in crowded areas and frsd the need for storing corpses in winter when the ground is frozen. Following Fred Leuchter on the witness stand came Dr. This has never been a secret.

First, Leuchter’s motives in conducting his forensic investigation of the alleged wartime gas chambers in Poland were entirely professional. Indeed, no one was better qualified to carry out his investigation. Airing The airing is connected with the greatest danger for those participating and others. A detailed study of these Kremas resulted frdd the following information. Fumigation of a Building 1.

The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition

He has held a research medical license from both state and federal governments, and has supplied the necessary drugs for use in execution support programs. Reprinted as an appendix in The Leuchter Reportp. Hereafter, this work will be cited as The Leuchter Report. Their use must not tarnish repkrt good reputation of the victims of KL Auschwitz. However, in his book, Auschwitz: The previous day, the director of the Missouri State Penitentiary, Bill Armontrout, frred given testimony explaining the procedures and practical operation of a cyanide gas chamber.

The room is not sealed inside or out with sealant. An article in the weekly national news magazine Insight of July 2,called Leuchter, “the nation’s leading expert in the mechanics of execution. Let us give Mr. The time periods during which the extermination “gas chambers” of crematory buildings Kremas III and V were in operation are similar.


Take only outside measurements, including walls. This process is to start on the top floor but the cellar is frev be dealt with before the ground floor, should the cellar have no exit. Aqueous solutions of hydrogen cyanide are weak acids.

Leuchter report

Compared with liquid hydrocyanic acid, the gas is chemically very indifferent, and even in highly concentrated form under prolonged exposure it does not show a tendency to react with other substances. The inlet and exhaust system is designed for an air change every two 2 minutes. Fumigation chief to instruct the guard.

Until the end of this tragic century there will always be incorrigible historians, statesmen, and publicists who are content to believe, or have no economically viable alternative but to believe, that the Nazis used “gas chambers” at Auschwitz to kill human beings. This sheet is reprinted as an appendix in The Leuchter Report Londonpp. Critics estimate conservatively that within 5 to 15 minutes, gas chamber victims were exposed to — ppmv [6] — again considerably lower than the lower explosion limit.

Notwithstanding the sign at the door saying “experimental,” this chamber would have been incapable of providing execution by CO because of the need to produce 4, ppm the lethal concentration at the required 2. The gas becomes reactive when it dissolves in water or condenses to liquid. The contents of the report, in particular Leuchter’s methodology, are heavily criticised.

Since Leuchter’s samples were obtained illegally, I will only concur with their cyanide concentration on the express condition that they be verified by official expert chemical evaluation. We returned on March 3, after inspecting all the required facilities at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek.

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