Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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New manual – still dated but has recent changes added to circuit description, schematic and alignment procedure Many sellers do take the time to carefully macro-photograph the tags or ID plate and this is invaluable information that is easy to retrieve. Article by N6PY, Bill FeldmannPart 1, Feb and Part 2, Mar – part 1 details many early changes in SX construction and design with circuit analysis while part 2 details modifications to modernize the SX performance this part should be for reference only – modifications to the SX are unnecessary.

Read the procedure on restoring an SX, in particular the section on rebuilding the RF box, at Phil’s Old Radios link provided in references, bottom of page. So, with all of these great features, why is the Super-Pro seldom encountered on the AM ham bands today?


Any other interesting variations seen on original SX or SXA receivers – hopefully will include serial number. This could imply that SXs at least the early pre-war ones were built in production runs of some fixed quantity rather than just a constant built rate.

I took this R apart and photographed the interior in detail. Photo right of the top of the bass choke showing the date code information.

Hallicrafters SX-28 Service Instructions Manual

What is presented here is a guide for doing an authentic cosmetic restoration of the SX that conforms to how the receiver appeared when it originally left the Hallicrafters’ plant. It is all original parts with the exception of the S-meter load resistor.


On the back of the gearbox are located the tuning shaft weights which need to haplicrafters removed.

I wrote a letter to Hallicrafters in that was forwarded to Wilcox Instruments. Finally, the audio section yallicrafters powerful with a triode-connected 6F6 driving a push-pull pair of triode-connected majual giving about 14 watts of high fidelity audio. A resistive load is required for alignment of the Lamb Noise Silencer the earlier version does not require a load for alignment.

Military SXs, which are most of the receivers made between andsometimes have significant mis-adjustment in the tuning gears.

Remember that you can’t get the correct color “off of the shelf” because every SX has aged somewhat differently and the color will vary from cabinet to cabinet. The BFO section is to the right of the manua. The early SXs had a problem with the red ink used that results in the indicators fading to the point of invisibility. I usually don’t re-stuff the paper-wax capacitors in SXs or 28As because there are plenty of original examples of these receivers around so preserving the original appearance of the under side hal,icrafters the chassis is not as important as it is with other, more scarce equipment.

The known evidence – an apparent absence of any authentic examples – leads one to conclude that the use of WWII vintage white dials on hallicragters SX is a myth. Without doubt, selling price was the primary factor in most ham’s decision to purchase an SX mnual their station receiver. H with matching R floor speaker.

Who would have made the white non-OEM dials? Sometimes it will be impossible to move a stuck slug without breaking it or breaking the coil mounting, which is not an option. Today, hundreds and hundreds of SX receivers have been restored and are in use in Vintage Ham Shacks around the country still providing great performance with incredible, bass-rich audio.


The janual Jensen speaker has a ohm to 8 ohm transformer to match the speaker to the typical Hallicrafters’ audio output impedance.

Before stripping paint, take the receiver out of the cabinet and remove the front panel. The photosensitive color change is actually into the plastic and it is impossible to return the dial to its original color. Earliest SXA serial number encountered: Since this is an approximation and is taking into account intermixed stock, the number of receivers is rounded off to about units.

There were protests from the employees ordered to carry out the destruction but it was to no avail. The early SX gearbox will have two separate gear trains that operate the main tuning and halllicrafters bandspread dials.

Many SXs and SXAs encountered will already have the 6AC7 installed as it was a very popular mod that was probably installed after the receiver had aged several years and really would have benefited from a new set of tubes and a full alignment instead.

Short handle, ball-end toggle switches used on SN H – long handle hallicrfters were normally used. Much of the R circuitry and design was borrowed heavily from the SXA. An unlikely scenario that would then account for the absence of any confirmed vintage hqllicrafters. Towards the end ofthe serial numbers were up to H,

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