To reflect recent developments, HEAVYCON has now been updated through a thorough revision and re-issued with the code-name HEAVYCON 海运合同 Heavycon _交通运输_工程科技_专业资料。HEAVYCON First published Revised 1. Place and date of Contract. HEAVYCON is classified as a Voyage Charter Party, and the word “ Contract” as used in the original HEAVYCON has been replaced with.

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Interest If any amounts due under this Charter Party are not paid when due, then interest at the rate of 1. It also provides for the parties to mediate on all or just some of the issues being arbitrated.

Salvage The Owners shall waive their right to claim any award for salvage performed on property owned by or contracted to the Charterers, always provided such property was the object of the operation the Vessel was chartered for, and the Vessel shall remain on hire when rendering salvage services to heavyfon property.

Mediation is a technique that is recognised as offering savings in costs and time over traditional methods of dispute resolution haevycon certain types of disputes. Sub-clause d shall apply in all cases.

海运合同 Heavycon _图文_百度文库

The Charterers shall arrange without cost to the Owners that the Owners shall be named as co-insured under the said policy or policies of insurance and the Charterers shall arrange that the underwriters waive the right of subrogation against the Owners. When the Hague-Visby Rules are not enacted in the country of shipment, the corresponding legislation of the country of destination shall apply, irrespective of whether such legislation may only regulate outbound shipments.

The arbitration shall be conducted in heafycon with the London Maritime Arbitrators Association LMAA Terms current at the time heavhcon the arbitration proceedings are commenced. Heavyvon Charterers shall also pay all other expenses, including bunkers, in addition to those which would normally have been incurred had the Vessel been standing-by in port less the amount of canal tolls saved by the Owners for not having transitted the canal.

Free Enterprise Mall Handouts. It is designed to afford such servants or agents at least the same protection as the Owners have under Bills of Lading issued by them heavcyon on their behalf. If the Owners render assistance to such property in distress on the basis of “no claim for salvage”, then, notwithstanding any other provisions contained in this Charter Party and even in the event of neglect or default of the Owners, Master, Officers or Crew: If the full amounts as aforesaid are not paid owing to breach of this Charter Party by either of the parties, the party liable therefor shall indemnify the Broker s against his or their loss of brokerage.

Did it mean that there was no right for the Charterers to cancel at heavycoon or did it give the Charterers the right to cancel after commencement of loading? The Charterers shall procure and pay for workboats and tugs required for the positioning of the Cargo.


Demurrage shall also be payable for any delay whatsoever not caused by the Owner, including waiting on weather… c Free Time shall not count and if the Vessel is on demurrage, demurrage shall not accrue for time lost by reason of deficiency of the Master, officers or crew or strike or lockout of the Master, officers or crew or by reason of breakdown of the Vessel or its equipment. If it should so appear, the Owners may by notice request the Charterers to nominate a safe port for the discharge of the cargo or any part thereof, and if within 48 hours of the receipt of such notice, the Charterers shall not have nominated such a port, the Owners may discharge the cargo at any safe port of their choice including the port of loading in complete fulfilment of the Charter Party.

The time lost shall include all time used until the Vessel reaches the same or equidistant position to that where the deviation commenced and the Charterers shall also pay all additional expenses incurred by such deviation including bunkers, port charges, pilotage, tug boats, agency fees and any other expenses whatsoever incurred. Termination Fee s state amount s if agreed Cl. Contact us online Contact us by phone.

The Charterers, on the other hand, are helped to re-arrange their loading schedules if the Owners inform them according to the interpellation provision.

A form for the midsized heavy lift sector is therefore under development by a separate drafting team.

This is advantageous to the Charterers, because this gives them more time to tender the full Cargo. The Owners shall have the right to use such workboats and tugs for the 207 operations. As soon as possible after submission of the relevant documentation, Transportation approval shall be given by the Marine Surveyor.

If the Charterers fail within 48 running hours, Sundays and holidays included, to make such nomination or agree to reckon laytime as if the port named in the Charter Party were accessible or declare that they cancel the Charter Party, the Owners shall have the option of cancelling the Charter Party.

Subclauses g and h are about the division of various costs. Port of Discharge i If the voyage to the discharging port is impeded by ice, or if on arrival the discharging port is inaccessible by reason of ice, the Master or Owners shall notify the Heavcon thereof.

The quantities of bunkers, which may include consumption during mobilisation and demobilisation, are agreed upon by the parties when concluding the charter party. The Cargo shall be discharged by one or more of the following methods stated in Box 9: Both-to-Blame Collision Clause If the Vessel comes into collision with another vessel as a result of the negligence of the other vessel and any act, neglect or default of the Master, mariner, pilot or the servants of the Owners in the navigation or in the management of the Vessel, the owners of the cargo carried hereunder will indemnify the Owners against all loss or liability to the other or non-carrying vessel or her Owners in so far as such loss or liability represents loss of, or damage to, or any claim whatsoever of the owners of the said cargo, paid or payable by the other or non-carrying vessel or her owners to the owners of said cargo hwavycon set-off, recouped or recovered by the other or non-carrying vessel or her owners heavycom part of their claim against the carrying vessel or Owners.


Canal Transit a If the Transportation is scheduled to pass through the canal stated in Box 7, the Charterers shall be granted free time for any such transit, and such free time shall count against the number of hours stipulated in Box Furthermore, where previously the time limit was linked to the Notice of Readiness, it is now linked to the expiry of free time for loading.

Fortunately for all concerned, thorough checking by the manufacturers determined that the damage could be repaired on site and that the reactor did not have beavycon be returned to the country of origin for repairs. Subclauses g and h are about the division of various costs. The Owners shall leave the area as soon as possible after completion of discharge. Any delay was critical, as the reactor was apparently the key remaining piece of equipment needed in the nearby chemical plant, which was almost complete.

Limitation of Liability Any provisions beavycon this Charter Party to the contrary notwithstanding, the Owners shall have the benefit of all limitations of, and exemptions from, liability accorded to the owners or chartered owners of vessels by any applicable statute or rule of law for the time being in force, and the same benefits to apply regardless of the form of signatures given to this Charter Party. The Charterers shall also pay all other expenses, including for bunkers, in addition to those which would heaycon have been incurred had the Vessel been standing-by in port less the amount of canal tolls saved by the Owners for not having transitted the canal.

Explanatory notes to HEAVYCON 2007

The last paragraph in Sub-clause The arbitration procedure shall continue during the conduct of the mediation but the Tribunal may take the mediation timetable into account when setting the timetable for steps in the arbitration. If the Owners exercise their option to cancel the Charter Party in accordance with sub-clause ithe Charterers shall pay to the Owners the heavycn termination fee according to the provisions of Clause 21 Termination in addition to any demurrage incurred.

In general, this means that the Charterers take responsibility for the Cargo whereas the Owners take responsibility for the Vessel. This seminar on offshore, project and heavylift chartering will provide hsavycon participants with a comprehensive overview of the commercial and contractual issues for the entire industry.

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