Service updates for TerrSet users; download TerrSet Tutorial Data; Includes a variety of fixes, posted March ; IDRISI Taiga Users – Service Update to v Example: • Hypothetical goal – Find suitable sites for housing projects. • Factors – distance to city center; distance to road; and slope (no. The IDRISI software (launched from Start / All Programs / IDRISI Selva; click on IDRISI Selva). The IDRISI tutorial and the associated data sets. The tutorial (PDF) .

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Supervised Image Classification and Lab 6: This exercise is optional, but it does demonstrate some of the ‘neat’ capabilities of Idrisi.

GEOB Lab 3: Introduction to IDRISI

For these exercises, you will be working with data from Westborough, Mass. Note that this term differs from orthophoto. A vector file of some roads in this area is also provided. Do these values correspond to the digital numbers for the pixels in bands 2, 3 and 4?

Use Google Earth and Google Maps link to the map to familiarize yourself with the area. Add the three imagebands band1 as blue, band2 as green, and band3 as red.

Another window will appear, in which you enter the name of the city Caption. This will save your composition for further editing. Select the caption position relative to the anchor point e. Ensure that the output file names are spelled the same, but end with the appropriate tqiga.


Week of February 11 th you have two weeks for this lab. Describe the strengths of each of the three images Landsat, Landsat, band 6 you have explored above, in aiding you with respect to interpreting the landscape. Layers and Group files Question 4. Loading the data Using Windows Explorer, go to: Review the material presented in Exercise if you need a reminder on all of the specific instructions on preparing and printing a map composition.

What is the elevation of the lake? You will be completing some of the “Using IDRISI” exercises using datasets provided by IDRISI from Spain, and the US in order to learn how to navigate the software, display layers and groups of files Landsat 5 TM band files, for example; here is a page that describes the launch dates for all of the Landsat satellitesdiscover how layers interact, create maps with both raster and vector data, and generate a 3D view and fly through optional, but fun.

Right click on the title Using the captionadd your name, lab and date to the composition.

The data for the labs should be loaded into C: You will then import some Landsat data of the Fraser Haiga and answer some questions pertaining to that dataset.


Surfaces — Fly through and Illumination.

Accept the defaults for Contrast stretch type and Output type, but check the box beside Omit zeros What does NDVI stand for?

Hand in the results of your Transparency exercise. Advanced GIS Geob Right click on the existing pathname which might be C: Ignore any message that may appear about a “Data path not found.

GEOB 373: Introductory Remote Sensing

Double-click on the zip file Landsat Note that the project and working directories you will be using are different from those specified in the tutorial on page 6, Exercise d and e: Displaying the data and creating images The first thing to do is to create a True Colour composite image.

Save your text file by clicking on the Save Digitized Data button just to the left of the digitize tool button. Repeat for each city; you can add more names if you like e. As such, this is a long lab 6 hours is an estimate for the time required to complete this lab. Name the output file Landsat

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