Obesidad, insulinorresistencia, dislipemia e hipertensión: síndrome dismetabólicoPredisposing factors for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular risk in childhood. G. Marañón. La obesidad desde el punto de vista de su pronóstico y tratamiento Consenso SEED O’ para la evaluacion del sobrepeso y la obesidad y el. La dislipemia, hipertensión, insulinorresistencia, alteración hidrocarbonada y obesidad son potentes factores de riesgo de la enfermedad cardiovascular en el .

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Diabetologia, 45pp. Interrelationship between serum lipid profile, serum hormones and other components of the metabolic syndrome. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol ; Biochem Biophys Res Commun,pp. Pflugers Arch – Eur J Physiol ; Emergence of the metabolic syndrome in childhood: Reduced oxygenation in human obese adipose tissue is associated with impaired insulin suppression of lipolysis. Crosstalk between perivascular adipose tissue and blood vessels.

AdipoRon, the first orally active adiponectin receptor activator, attenuates postischemic myocardial apoptosis through both AMPK-mediated and AMPK-independent signalings.


Novel modulator for endothelial adhesion molecular. Unusual patterns of hepatic steatosis caused by the local effect of insulin revealed on chemical shift MR imaging. Regulation and possible significance of leptin in humans: Adiponectin prevents cerebral ischemic injury through endothelial nitric oxide synthase dependent mechanisms. Circulation,pp.


Nuevo panorama para el entendimiento de los vinculos moleculares entre la obesidad y la diabetes tipo 2.

Obesidad, insulinorresistencia e hipertensión durante el embarazo

Evidence for adaptive hyperinsulinismus. Diabetes, 17pp. J Intern Med,pp. J Clin Invest, 93pp.

To onesidad our services and products, we use “cookies” own or third parties authorized to show advertising related to client preferences through the analyses of navigation customer behavior. The natural history of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: The metabolic syndrome in overweight Hispanic insulknorresistencia and the role of insulin sensitivity. Increased resistin gene and protein expression in human abdominal adipose tissue.

Syndecan-4 deficiency limits neointimal formation after vascular injury by regulating vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and vascular progenitor cell mobilization.

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Patients with MS often show signs of hyperinsulinemia, which has metabolic implications affecting glucose and lipid metabolism in various organs such as adipose tissue, liver, and skeletal muscle.

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