Anything Goes Lyrics: In olden days a glimpse of stocking / Was looked on as something shocking / But now, God knows / Anything goes / Good authors too. Anything Goes [John Barrowman, Carole E. Barrowman] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. From his Glaswegian childhood and American. Seb likes John Barrowman a lot. But he’s not so sure about his autobiography.

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The family settled in Jolietwhere Barrowman attended Joliet West High School in the heart of a “quintessentially middle-class conservative town”. Retrieved 13 August Clyde AuditoriumGlasgow.

John Barrowman – Wikipedia

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Be a buddy, not a bully. Re-reading this about a year after I first got into this man and his work, the book probably impressed me more than before.

Refresh and try again. I’ve searched the internet for half goe hour and I can’t find it anywhere. For those who are Doctor Who or Torchwood fans, here are just a few stories. Barrowman’s television career began with several appearances in short-lived prime-time soap operas. Some seemed like they were comments in response to a question about a line to Carole?

John Barrowman Official Site — News. Retrieved 26 June geos I’ve seen a few criticisms of the book for this, but I can’t see a good enough reason for being critical on that score. One additional thing is that John met a lot of people in his life – an apect further supported by the musical and thater industry- and trying to keep all the names together was anyfhing challenging.

John Barrowman

Though many stage stars release an album at some point in their careers, seldom are they met with chart success and longevity. Series 3 of Torchwood was broadcast in July as a miniseries of five episodes called Children of Earth.


The Kids are All Right”. Top Songs See All. When the series was revived inBarrowman came on board as recurring guest character Captain Jack Harknessa pansexual time traveller from the 51st century.

Kohn good to see someone skiing ahead on the trail, hollering back, “there’s a crevasse over here, don’t go there!

It takes a pretty damned big ego to write an “autobiography” which this ain’t, it’s a memoir in the first place; to d The Book Report: How does that humble you? Quite forgivable in a memoir; less so in an autobiography, which is more about the life-and-times, less about the lifestyle.

As well as finding out that he was a huge Star Wars fan when he was younger. I managed to get Barrowman to sign my Torchwood boxset too! He’s not forthcoming with details of his personal life, eg what his feelings were, what his thoughts were, around his coming out. November Author’s acknowledgements: Inhe was voted Stonewall ‘s Entertainer of the Year. While I loved John Barrowman’s character Captain Jack, I thought his memoir was an over the top opportunity for John to name jjohn and talk about his love of himself, wonderful voice and good looks.

A ripping set of yarns about a guy who is clearly in love with his life and his work. Just because Anything Goes is non-fic doesn’t mean you want somebody to tell you all the best bits before you read it!

That was one of the big advantages of this book. Apr 15, Anyhing rated it liked it Shelves: What the things and who the people are that shaped him.


Archived from the original on 15 January It’s a very instructive path he’s anythong, for the most of us who aren’t in the least famous or likely to get there. The garage sale was packed with Doctor Who and Torchwood memorabilia. Jack Returns to “Doctor Who ” “.

I Am What I Am. I’m also fond of the musical Anything Goesso the fact that John has been in it so many times is delightful. I was moved by his story, his determination and honesty. One amything the reasons I enjoyed reading it so much. The Phantom of the Opera feat.

I had to switch to my phone to look at them so I could see them in jlhn. It’d be like giving plot spoilers for a fiction book. Sure it may have a touch of self-aggrandizement, but so does my blog. A hard li John Barrowman, how are you so awesome?

I don’t know what I was expecting when I picked up this book but it certainly wasn’t this. Well, I love both musical theatre and scifi TV. The first season was BBC America’s biggest hit And Barrowman is nothing if not pretty. I thoroughly enjoy John Barrowman’s performance as the dashing and handsome Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood so when I stumbled across this memoir I thought, what the hell.

Sir Ian McKellen being mentioned, and the imaginary dinner party they’d plan together. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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