Results 1 – 12 of 14 Moons: The Selected Poems of Jurga Ivanauskaite. Jun 1, by Jurga Ivanauskaite and Paul Perry. Currently unavailable. Jurga Ivanauskaitė was a lithuanian writer, painter and dramaturge. Studying at the Vilnius Art Academy, her first book was The Year of the Lilies of the. Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Jurga-Ivanauskaite books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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Razeen Sally Estonia and the EU. They were called mankurts, speechless creatures, subdued and harmless, not realizing they were human beings.

She walked up to the window many times and looked out into the yard, where children were noisily chasing a bright-red ball through yellow leaves. Sniffing it, Nora decided against it being wine.

Best-loved writer Gone with the Dreams

Nora felt guilty about Elegija all the time. This book, which was later to be translated into six languages, caused a real stir of discontent when it first came out. Jurga always saw herself as working towards her best book.

The stage was without any decorations, backdrops—not even a horizon and, because of this, it looked as if it were very large, with its damp yellow brick walls. Young readers now saw the authors as rebels against the wish of conservative Ministry of Culture officials to reinstall the traditional, heavily romanticised styles of the literary language of pre-Soviet Lithuania. I bet you believe that a hundred years ago Vilnius was a miserable hole, forsaken by man and beast.

Hello, do you need anything?

CER | Jurga Ivanauskaite’s work is crying out for translation

Nora inhaled deeply, bit her lip, clasped the material tightly in her hand and tried to tear it slightly, but the fabric turned out to be very strong.


Our news analysis and commentaries provide readers with insight essential to understanding the three Baltic countries and their neighbors. Subscribe Advertise Log In. Subsidised, ideological writing was suddenly replaced by a style that was a wild mixture of inventive fantasy and neurotic national self-obsession.

They circulated widely among young people who had previously shown little interest in the turgid prose and poetry allowed through Ivanauxkaite, the Soviet literary watchdog.

LKI | Jurga Ivanauskaitė

During performances pigeons flew around with gifts tied to their legs, and spectators could catch them! In “Kelione i Sambal? Please help to improve this article ivanauskakte introducing more precise citations. She also left an uncompleted book of essays. And then, Elegija vanished. There are no book clubs, and certainly no tradition of ordering books through the Internet.

I didn’t dare misappropriate the authority of these spontaneous insights to myself.

There’s not a single seam However, the Stephen Spender Memorial Trust recently expressed an interest in funding the translation and publication of three contemporary Lithuanian novels in English. A faint white light fell from somewhere and hung there, like the light that can sometimes be seen at sea just before dawn.

Once independence was declared inhowever, the young authors continued to meet with mixed reactions. There’s so much stuff Sadly, Nora looked at the fine gray hairs in Joseph’s ears, sighed deeply, and uttered:. All day Elegija went about in this extravagant gown, up and down the corridors of the theater, stopping only now and then at the buffet for a cup of coffee.

Nora said nothing, threw on her dressing gown, and shuffled, as if she were hobbled, to the costumer, Alina. More than four hundred drawings were tattooed on her body; just think—a million pricks of the needle! She wears extravagant make-up and Eastern clothes, whether speaking about her work at a meeting of enthusiastic fans or going ivxnauskaite the store to buy groceries. At last she frowned because the color was so unbearably bloody.


Of course, the biggest giantess in the world, Jelizaveta Lyska, wouldn’t be able to squeeze her little toe into this jurha When she unlocked the door, Vilija and Laimis nosily burst into the room. She could neither remember nor understand what these words meant. Jurta helpless hand grabbed the lipstick tube and scribbled on the glass: A painted yellow feeling of loss pierced Nora. Even the costumes had to be ma-made difffff-ferent sizes fff-or you both.

I can’t do anything while the dress is on you!

Jurga Ivanauskaite

In her case, this meant glamorizing Western attitudes, albeit in a rather naive, Gorbachev-era way. It is, she says, “the story of my inner and outer journey. I want to see how the material moves with you! Elegija had completely ivanauskaiite the costume designer’s choice, and had found and bought the dress in vintage shop herself. As luck would have it, the cab did not come for a long time.

Be-because of the tt-tap-ppeworm All these stories were irritating her for some reason. Many stars of the stage, according to theater critics, got their start this way.

Luckily, it was dark.

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