Get this guide started! Think you’re an expert in Perry Rhodan: Operation Eastside? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into. Perry Rhodan: The Immortals of Terra which I had to do on numerous occasions, which is also useful if you have to turn to a walkthrough to get you through. Walkthroughs for The Immortals of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure – Adventure Game.

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Perry goes incognito again. Talk to the patient at right. Use the positronic key on the left cabinet to enter the code on the key. Talk to the bouncer who is standing in perrt of the yellow lit tube. Try to pick up one of the floating tiles above the water.

Walk towards the characters. At the reception area, see the 2 Blues are very sick.

Perry Rhodan: The Immortals of Terra Review by

Battle of the robots: Look at the recharger Yuri is working on. Left click and see how the robot goes to that spot. Go to the terrace using the transmitter at the Crystal Lounge. See the shuttle that Bully states will be a bumpy ride. Talk three times to one of the strapped Blues patients.


Try to use the seat belt on the pulley. Click on the transparent pillar with the reproduction of an Illochim. They are arguing about a doll. Go forward and look around as you go. Go to the lit exit at right. See a box protected by illegal military shield. Talk to the alien creature Blues. When the technician has left the lab take the voice simulator. Perry has a feeling someone is here. The door closes and locks Perry inside.

Walkthrough Part 16 for The Immortals Of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure

Now you enter Mondra’s hangar. Look at your holo suite at the left side of the office.

Right click the now universal remote control and then left click the displayed remote control or the frame. Give him the deactivated service robot. Well it’s parked in front of the circuit box you just fixed with the insulated arrachieda stick. Go back close to the bar.


Look at the light brown illegal military shields. And so we begin. Give him the creature doll of the Blues. Move the green-yellow tile to top right.

Walkthrough Part 16 – The Immortals Of Terra: A Perry Rhodan Adventure Video Walkthroughs for PC

Use your miner’s lamp on the dark room. Exit the corridor at the back side. Use the corrosive acid on the door. From beneath the monitors get the metallic object. Pull the left and second from left lever up. From this point use your laser pointer on the characters.

Click six times on the right most – sign. It caused an alert and Huber and the Ara run back in.

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