Will the Kumho IZen KW23 suit your car? Find the best tyre for your car read 9 reviews for the Kumho IZen KW23 and compare to other Winter tyres at tyre reviews. Find great deals for Kumho K 4 New Kumho Crugen Premium KL33 H 60K-Mile Tires ,/55 Kumho Ecsta 4X /50ZR17 /32nd Tread 50 17 #K15 -Kumho Ecsta 4X /50ZR17 /32nd Tread 50 17 #K Results 49 – 96 of Kumho Solus TA71 / XL Tire (Fits: /50R17) . Kumho Ecsta 4X /50ZR17 /32nd Tread 50 17 #K15 (Fits.

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Free Roadside Assist We will attend to any punctures for the first 12 months free! Ask a question We will never publish or share your email address To verify you’re human please type the word you see above in the box below.

I am no considering purchasing the same ones again.

Stop reading tyre tests or other things. They felt much softer than summer tyres and absorbed bumps better, but the downside of this was a kmuho of steering feel was lost. Kumho Tire stands for quality, and settles for nothing less than excellence. The team at Kumho is dedicated to developing customer relationships and improving the company each and every day.

Kumhoo in wet once with tyre pressure down a bit so vital to keep on top of that. I bought some of these for winter before the weather got really bad and I’m so glad I did.


Kumho Solus KH15 Reviews –

All Used Tires are Air-Tested. Passenger Ultra High Performance. I live in a hilly part of Bradford and since I had a early start I thought I would try the untreated hill roads by me. Kummho appreciates the development of art and culture in society, and the company endorses cultural and artistic growth by participating in a variety of philanthropies to better society. This new concept of combining design and tyre performance gave a great boost to the Dutch tyre company.

Was this review helpful? Champtires had not undertaken any independent action with respect to the products it provides, and such products are provided ‘as is’, with all faults. Our goal is to focus on customer service. Simply a kumhk all k51 tyre and will buy again. I’ve never used winter tyres before so I have nothing to compare to but compared with normal summer tyres they are a revelation. Please provide a valid price range. Bought the tyres and wheels from Mytyres.

Guaranteed Delivery see all.

Kumho SOLUS KH15 Tyres | Tyresales

The last car I owned which provided proper feedback was my Mumho E 2. Rim Diameter Rim Diameter 10 12 13 14 15 16 ESCOT Technology improves steering response and increases tread life by optimizing cord tension distribution in the sidewall.

Also I was doing commercial real estate meaning I was often in and out of parking buildings negotiating tight spaces which is hard on tyres. Kumhho offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. Mileage Warranty see all. I’m going to try Bob Jane tyres next rebadged Bridgestone which apparently have the same performance but are longer wearing stay tuned for a review in a few years.


Kumho K733

I don’t know whether these tyres are different on the smaller cars but Kymho can’t fault them on the Falcon. Price was very competitive vs oem and other brands. Since new, the tires slip a lot when youre pushing on your throttle, even in low revs.

Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7. Generally I found them very good, even in the snow! Don’t ,15 your money please. If you are not happy with your order, we will refund you in full without any hidden fees. It didn’t have much grip when there was read tho Profile Profile 0 10 These eventually went on 6 months later!

Speed Index see all. Aspect Ratio see all. Noise is quite hard, and comfort isnt too good, specially when driving on bumpy roads.

I am told the KH17s are even better, but decided to stay with what I knew and trusted for another 50,km or so. It is [censored word removed]. As a result, the drive is more enjoyable.

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