What can one man accomplish, even a great man and brilliant scientist? Although every town in France has a street named for Pasteur, was he alone able to. Bruno Latour, The Pasteurization of France, Harvard UP, What can we write on (the history of) invisible microbes? Maybe we can write on. BRUNO LATOUR The ‘Franslatcd by Aian Sheridan andjolin r^iw The Pasteurization of France Bruno Latour Translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law.

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Peter has been described as an obscurantist buffoon, but he was the only one to put up any kind of a fight against Pasteur’s medical coup d’etat.

Bruno Latour The Pasteurization Of France ( 1993)

Juan Berger rated it really liked it Oct 02, The vague words “contagion,” “miasma,” and even “dirt” were enough to put Europe in a state of siege, and it defended itself by cordons sanitaires against the infectious diseases.

The Pasteurians redefined their numbers, with little regard to whether some belonged to nature and others “to culture,” as the expression used to be. Indeed, we are tempted to fall down on our knees in admiration, since the rapid, complete transformation of a society is attributed to the “thought” of one man.

We would like science to be free of war and politics. Appealing to an example from an earlier period might Introduction 7 help us find a way out.

Once they had given their advice on everything; now they decided on a few things.

So the primary mechanism was the same. This transformation may be expressed more precisely. If we recall the way in which different authors place Pasteur pasteurizafion they begin to talk about him in the early s, we are struck by one overwhelming fact: Gexaedron rated it it was amazing Mar 31, In this case all articles from to were treated and codified according to a single speci- fication that was also borrowed pasteurizarion semiotics. What makes the history of the sciences — so respectable elsewhere — usually disappointing is that it sets out from time in order to explain the agents and their movements, whereas the temporal framework merely registers after the event the victory of certain agents.


Kari rated it it was amazing May 09, You are commenting using your Twitter account. Infor instance, the subjects under discussion included water, lifesavers, gymnastics, women’s work, “methods of developing among the laboring classes a spirit of thrift and the saving habit,” alcoholism, and working-class housing Anon.: A salesman sends a perfectly clear beer to a customer — it arrives corrupted.

These congresses were a catchall, because illness could be caused by anything and because scientists had to be ready pasteurizatin set off enthusiastically in any direction. Join Our Mailing List: The results of pasteurizatiob new trial of latoru were spectacular, “indisputable.

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Indeed, the formidable transformation of hygiene was effected at first only with the following research program: And what does medicine itself depend on? They were like people who had begun to set up a road network consisting of thousands of country lanes in order to travel everywhere and ended up building only a few main roads.

For those who cannot accept any story unless it has an “infra- structure,” it is possible to give the “cause” of the whole Pasteurian adventure. Pasteurizatioj examining Pasteur’s influence on the history and sociology of medicine, Latour focuses on the phenomenon of a theory becoming reality because it’s time had come.

To understand the greatness of a man all the actors in which he associates must be examined. People admired hygienic clothes, or- thopedic shoes, light-colored laour that could be dusted easily, filters to purify water, bidets to wash one’s behind, and flushing sys- tems to evacuate excrement. For each of pasteurizzation relevant articles I sketched the interdefinition of the actors and the translation chains, without trying to define a priori how the actors were made up and ranked.

It was not only France, humiliated and defeated, that had to bp regenerated; it was also mankind in general and, more particularly, the urban masses.

After the cure of Joseph Meister alone, Richet exclaims: This displacement of the best-intentioned actions is truly discouraging: Yet they added something of their own, something that seemed essential to those who adopted it in order to pursue their own projects of sani- tation. What does the definition of the microbe and the description of its habits mean to them?


The Pasteurization of France – Bruno Latour – Google Books

As Richet continues, “Despite the progress of science, despite the advance of physicians and engineers, the hygienic economy of a great and ancient city hke Paris remains more or less out of control.

In Pasteurs lab they will get the best environment ever to multiply! Richet’s confidence is made up of the same “credibility” as the “cre- dulity” of the patients. Time, that celebrated time, would at last be able “to climb the ladder,” as Peguy says in Clio?

Pastsurization movement of translation is enough for us. It was not always convenient to follow Bouchardat’s prudent advice to physicians assisting at births to wait several days before doing so again.

I start with the assumption that everything is involved in a relation of forces but that I have no idea at all of precisely what a force is.

Their trust went entirely to the man who was enunciating a general law and a principle of indefinite extension of the networks that they were going to command. Latour concludes that the revolution in medicine in the 19th was not attributable solely to A. The hygienists were not “credulous.

Two monographs in this book one empirical, one theoretical 5.

Plotinus himself would not Strong Microbes and Weak Hygienists 43 have endowed his God with enough power to make the antidiphtheria serum to which Pasteur the man hardly contributed emanate “di- rectly” from him.

Alan Sheridan is the author of Michel Foucault: Hygienists, biologists, sur- geons, sanitary engineers, pasteurizatlon surgeons, physiologists like Claude Bernard, medical doctors, and military doctors, as well as tuberculosis, cholera, diphtheria, tetanus, yellow fever, rabies, and the plague, all move according to different paths, offering us the sort of interesting confusion that Tolstoy describes in the battles of his book.

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