Confusion Over Pancheswor Project Interpretation Of Mahakali Treaty. It appears that the authorities of India as well as Nepal are confused. called the Pancheshwar Project The Mahakali Treaty revised some agreements concluded between. India and Nepal in the past. There were deep feelings of. As per the Nepalese constitution, the Mahakali Treaty had to be endorsed by the parliament. Accordingly, when it was introduced, it was.

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The Main features of the Project are 54 m high concrete dam, 4. When the Pancheswar Project comes into being and augments the availability of water in dry season at TanakpurNepal would be provided with additional water and additional energy.

In India it lies along the Kumaon division of Uttarakhand state, Pithoragarh districtChampawat district and part of Udham Singh Nagar district fall under the Sharda basin.

This quantity is to be supplied from the Treqty Barrage if the Sarada Barrage turns non-functional. For this purpose, India also agreed to construct a kV transmission line all the way to the Indo-Nepalese border from the Tanakpur Power Station. It implies that Mahakali River stored water will not be utilized for kharif crop during monsoon period.

Although the Tigers at the Park are numerous, sightings are rare due to the thick forest cover of the area.

They must have been fully content with the fact that after all the Indian share of regulated water in post-Pancheshwor period would far exceed the pre-Pancheshwor existing use in India.

There was to be a bi-national Mahakali River Commission, guided by the principles of equality, mutual benefit and no harm to either party. True Meaning of the Article 3 of the Treaty Any person familiar with large storage dam design, construction and operation can ought right say that downstream irrigation can be completely disrupted if adequate provisions are not made in design and construction of the project.


The Pancheshwar Dam, a joint venture of India and Nepal for irrigation and hydro-electric power generation was proposed on this river, innamed as Sarayu or Kali River. Thus the implementation of Pancheshwor Project would definitely prejudice the existing use if the following provisions are not made. In post Pancheshwor period it would be necessary to have reregulation reservoir downstream Pancheshwor dam to ensure proper irrigation in Indian Territory.

But the seething discontent entrenched for nearly five years in Nepal on benefits agreed to be provided by India to Nepal under the agreement of continued till the Mahakali Treaty between the two countries for the integrated development of water resources on the Mahakali River was signed on 12 February The power benefit is to be assessed on the basis of saving in costs as compared with the relevant alternatives available.

Confusion Over Pancheswor Project Interpretation Of Mahakali Treaty | New Spotlight Magazine

Now the Treaty is in force and is in the process of implementation, although there have been ups and downs in its implementation. Ghaghra RiverUttar PradeshIndia. Any person familiar with large storage dam design, construction and operation can ought right say that downstream irrigation can be completely disrupted if adequate provisions are not made in design and construction of the project.

Needless mahhakali say that our Government must implement the Pancheshwar Project strictly adhering each proviso of the Treaty based on correct interpretation. In the project area, the river forms the border between India and Nepal, dividing the Sudurpashchim Pradesh province of Nepal from the Uttarakhand State in India.


Nepal will bear a portion of the cost of generation of incremental energy. The Sharda Agreement of treaaty ownership of part of the left bank area in the vicinity of the Barrage from Nepal to India and the Sharda Barrage belongs to India.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sharda River. Himachal Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Nepal.

Confusion Over Pancheswor Project Interpretation Of Mahakali Treaty

The Mahakali Treaty, signed in February between India and Nepal, pertains to sharing water of a river by the same name. An extensive effort for developing irrigation potential and for the maintenance of the canal with its branches, feeders, tributaries, channels and drain was kahakali by Engineer Abinash Chandra Chaturvedi during in Sitapur District of Uttar Pradesh.

During the rest of the time the power trraty would remain virtually turned off. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The tail race channel joins directly the Sharda River. Although, the Treaty is formally in operation but the progress in its implementation has been tardy. From the Sarada Barrage, the Treaty gives Nepal Published in Magazine Issue: Mahananda basin Mechi Kankai Ratua Khola.

This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat During the initial reservoir filling the river can virtually dry up.

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